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Facility Use

Parties and Private Events:

We have hosted lots of Birthday Parties, Girls Night Out parties, and other Private Events! Use of our Private Lounge is available if you want to bring refreshments for after your range time. No food or drinks are allowed on the range for safety reasons. Please call WSA at (808) 769-5044 to arrange your event. 


The classroom may be used for classes or events. Please contact a staff member for pricing. 

If you are an NRA-Certified Instructor and would like to use the facility (two options):

Option One

1. Sign an Independent Contractor agreement and work for us as an instructor. You will have use of the classroom and range, and we will pay you a fee for your services. 

Option Two

To bring in your own students you must do the following:

1. Show proof that you are NRA-certified, and have a legal state-issued ID.

2. Show proof of liability insurance. If any accidents happen on the range, they will be covered under YOUR insurance.

3. All of your students must fill out our liability waivers and must show state or federal-issued ID's.

4. There is a limit of two people per lane. Please take that into account when reserving lanes by the hour.

5. If you use our classroom for the non-shooting part, it is $20/hr.

6. You and all of your students must abide by our rules, policies and procedures.

7. If you are caught teaching without permission, you will be asked to leave immediately and you will be banned. 

8. There will be no refunds.

9. No classes by outside instructors can be scheduled on the range between 4-8pm.

10. No drawing from a holster unless you have a badge. Your class cannot include drawing from a holster unless you have a badge.